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Ways To Stop Thanksgiving From Sending Your Energy Bill Soaring

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Winter is early this year, and it means expensive heating bills in many parts of the nation .2
So, before Jack Frost comes to your nose – and your wallet – make sure you don’ t fall victim to such errors that send energy costs up .1

Heating and cooling takes up the largest part of your monthly energy bill, but cutting back does not mean that it is uncomfortable .3

Programmable thermostats are great for this, turning the heat down at night while you’ re at work, and even off when you’ re away .4

Led bulbs will not help with the cost of heating the house, but they will make a difference in your electricity bills for lighting .2

Energy vampires, such as the phone charger, computer and coffee machine, can cost the average household $ 100 a year, according to the Energy output, and should always be disconnected when not in use .3

It’s easy to lose track of the big picture when you’ re just sitting in your living room, but I challenge you to actually count the number of gadgets you’ ve connected every day .4