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Do you have a concern?

If you aren’t happy with our service or you have a concern, let us know as soon as you can and we can put it right quickly and informally.

Do you have a compliment?

If one of our staff or contractor has done something well and exceeded your expectations we would love to hear from you. Your compliment will be passed to the person involved and also help us continually improve our service.

How to raise a concern, compliment or suggestion

If you require an immediate response or action please contact Customer Services on (718) 797-3757

You can raise your concern, or make a comment online by completing our review form.

We aim to give an excellent service to our customers, but there may be times when our services do not meet your expectations.

If we get things wrong we want you to tell us, so we can put them right and learn from our mistakes. And when we get it right, it’s always nice to know! Even better, if you have a suggestion to improve our services, we’d love to know.

All feedback we receive from customers will be logged and used to help influence and shape services in the future.

We will be posting on twitter with #ceriello_electric for news updates and promotions for our residential and commercial services.

For #ceriello_solar we will post related news projects and information.

We have also included a new tab on our web site for reviews, this page is for you. Let us know if we have met your expectations,…your feedback will allow us to better serve you.  > Link here


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